Code Cards

Code Cards is an interactive app to practice your coding skills and logical thinking!

The app consists of five different levels were code cards are used to help your avatar find home. This is done by placing cards in correct order to move along the colored paths. Each level is unlocked when you have achieved 5 correct answers at the previous level. It all starts with basic cards that tells your avatar to move along a single path in a specific color. But along the way the path gets more difficult and you are introduced to other code cards to practice the use of basic functions, actions and loops. Thereby you get to practice some of the basic coding skills used in different programming languages.

Code Cards is developed to be used by different ages. Younger kids, from about 9-11 years, as well as older kids and adults will be able to use the app to practice coding skills and logical thinking.

The different levels are built with randomly created tasks that gets harder along the way and thereby gives endless of practicing possibilities. Game Center leaderboard and achievements are included to challenge yourself, your friends and global users of the app.

Code Cards does not contain any advertisement or in-app purchases and it does not track or collect any information about the user.