Start to read

Practice your kids ability to read - with six levels of practises In English and seven other languages!

Start to read practises your kids ability to read in a fun and interactive way. The app is developed for kids who have started to sound letters and provides exercises in six different levels. It starts with basic tasks to pair words with images and continues to more advanced tasks where the user needs to build words with letters to corresponding images. When the levels are cleared the kids are rewarded with balloons that can be used to unlock different reward images.

Start to read is developed for kids that have just started to read, but are also useful for children and adults that are new to the English language. You can also use the settings section of the app to change language to practise in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, French or German.

Start to read also contains a statistic section where adults can follow the kids progress by seeing how many of the tasks that have been answered correctly.

Start to read does not contain any advertisements or in app purchases. The app is developed to provide an easy and clear design where images, text and the kids learning are in focus. The app does not contain any sounds of letters or words, which means that the user should be familiar with basic sounding of letters in order the get the most out of the app.