Math Times

Math Times provides an easy and fast way to practise and automate the multiplication tables. One of the most important mathematic skills - for kids as well as adults.

From the menu page you can pick which tables [1-12] to practise and then just start by touching the start button. Each round have 10 questions and if your answer is wrong the correct answer are displayed before you can continue.

To really make sure that you have automated the multiplication tables you can also choose to practise with a time limit [5 seconds] for each question. This feature provides an excellent possibility to show that the answer has been automated.

From the menu page you can also reach the contest mode, where you can challenge yourself and try to beat the high score. You can also challenge a friend in a player vs player, best of 3 rounds, contest. Most correct answers or, if equal, fastest time wins.

Math Times also has a statistic page where you can see the result and progress for each table. By touching the eye for each table you can also get a quick view of that specific multiplication table.