Practice Logic

Practice Logic is an app that will improve logical thinking!

Logical skills are the ability to focus on the presented task by following the chain of the thought process by relating one statement after another, until finding the most logical conclusion. Logical thinking is a fundamental skill in todays society and work life in order to make decisions and act according to what makes sense rather than what feels right. It is also one of the fundamental skills needed for developers to code.

Practice Logic consists of six levels that in different ways will train your logical thinking. You will practice logical reasoning and the ability to see patterns as well as spatial thinking and sequencing skills. The main audience for the app are kids in primary school, 4th to 7th grade (9-13 years), but it can also be used by older kids and adults.

The different levels are built with randomly selected tasks and thereby gives endless of practicing possibilities. Within each level you can follow your improvement by seeing the number of completed tasks. If you have the logical thinking needed you will also notice the different colored lights that will change with regards to the improvements that has been made.

Practice Logic is developed to be easy to use by children themselves. The app does not contain any advertisements or in-app purchases and it does not store anything online or collect any information about the user.