Number Bonds!

To recognise the number bonds is considered to be a basic mathematical skill for preschool children. This app provides four different ways to practice number bonds to 10 or any other sum that is selected between 10 and 9999. Users can also team up and challenge each other in a two player challenge.

The app is preset for number bonds to 10 (also known as "friends of ten"), which provides a suitable start for younger kids. By practising and learning to recognise the numbers that sum up to 10 the user also gets prepared to handle more complicated math tasks.

Number bonds contains four different exercises and are developed to be easy to use by children themselves. Each exercise contains 6 different tasks that must be completed before a reward is shown to the user. An exercise can also be made in pairs, where you compete to be the first to succeed with all 6 tasks.

In the settings section of the app other sums for number bonds can be chosen. In that way the app will be useful also for older children that already have a good mathematical knowledge. By practicing more complicated number bonds sum the user can develop new mathematical strategies. How do you for example solve what number that pairs with 314 to the sum of 869? Start thinking in hundreds (5 + 3 = 8), continue with tens (5 + 1 = 6) and finally the ones (5 + 4 = 9) and you will get to the result of 555, even before you have had time to start the calculator. With that kind of strategies even younger kids can learn to solve complex mathematical tasks. And remember - you never get to old to learn new things!

Number Bonds do not contain any advertisments or in-app purchases. The app does not store anything online or collect any information about the user.