I Read - Reading exercises for kids

"I Read" aims to in a quick, easy and interactive way practice the child's reading skills. The application includes over 3000 sentences and words that are specifically made for this app as well as over 100 pictures that goes along with them. "I Read" is first and foremost adapted to children in early school age who works with improving their reading flow and expand their reading capacity. The application is also suited for children and young people who are new to the english language. Besides english the content is also available in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

"I Read" consists of six different exercises that in different ways practices the children's reading capability.

In order to motivate the children to continue the exercises there is a reward book built in to the application. Gradually as the tasks are solved the pictures in the reward book is unlocked. Already after the first solved task you will get your first reward. In order to unlock all of them and complete the reward book over 100 solved tasks are needed.

"I Read" is just like our other applications free from in-app purchases and commercials and is designed so that the children as much as possible can use the app on their own.